Food Pantry Volunteer Form


Volunteer Coordinator: Oversees all volunteer activities, including recruitment, scheduling, training, and supervision. They ensure that volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities and coordinate communication between volunteers and leadership.

Intake Coordinator: Greets clients as they arrive, registers them, and assesses their needs. They may also provide information about available resources and services. This role requires strong interpersonal skills and empathy.

Food Distribution Coordinator: Organizes and supervises the distribution of food items to clients. They ensure that clients receive the appropriate amount of food based on family size and dietary needs. This role may involve coordinating with other volunteers to restock shelves and manage inventory.

Inventory Manager: Manages inventory levels, including ordering, receiving, and organizing food donations. They keep track of expiration dates and ensure that donated items meet quality standards. This role requires attention to detail and organizational skills.

Driver/Transportation Coordinator: Coordinates transportation logistics for picking up food donations from suppliers or distribution centers. They may also arrange for deliveries to clients who are unable to pick up food themselves. This role requires a valid driver's license and access to a vehicle.

Warehouse Assistant: Assists with sorting, organizing, and storing food donations in the pantry's storage area. They may also help with packing food bags or boxes for distribution. This role requires physical stamina and the ability to lift and move heavy objects.