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Welcome to St. Paul Baptist Church.  We are delighted that you have taken an interest in our ministry.  As you’ll see by exploring this site, we offer a variety of activities for those seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and deeper fellowship with other believers.  Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or you have followed this path for a long time, there is a home for you at St. Paul.  We encourage you to visit our church in person and experience the joy in Jesus Christ.

May God bless you and we look forward to seeing you.

How do I become a Christian? 

Becoming a Christian is Easy...

Step 1: Recognize your sins

The first step in becoming a Christian is to understand that the things we do wrong are sins.  Everyone sins.  The first step to recognizing our sins is to remember that when we sin, we are disobeying God.

Step 2: Repent for your sins

After we acknowledge that we have sinned, the next step is to sin less and less.  We have to learn to change the way we do things in our lives so that we understand when we have caused harm to others and ourselves. Understanding the hurt, and acknowledging that what we did wrong is called repentance.  Repentance involves turning away from sin in order to live the way that God wants us to.

Step 3: Accept Jesus as the Son of God

Jesus was born into this world to show us the right way of living. He died on the cross so that God would forgive our sins.  When we believe in Jesus and accept the lessons that has given us in order to live better lives, we have completed the most important step of becoming a Christian. The hard part is consistently living our lives as Jesus teaches us.

Step 4: Join a community of faith

Finally, a person who believes in Jesus Christ should join other believers by praying, loving, and adoring God.  A good start is by studying the Bible and sharing his teaching.  Jesus wants us all to become part of his family.  We do that by joining a community of faith. We call this community of faith a church. The church is there to help us in our spiritual journey.

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