How It All Started...

St. Paul Baptist Church has a long, rich history of providing worship experiences and ministries that glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Founded in 1902, St. Paul has been served by 13 senior pastors who have vigorously and passionately led their congregations to grow in Christ. Initially organized as a missionary Baptist church, St. Paul is a bible-based congregation that encourages Christian discipleship by helping and nurturing its membership and community.

Founding Visionary

The vision of spiritual service originated when twenty-one people gathered to establish themselves as a community of worship in 1902. This meeting, led by Rev. T.T. Tucker, took place in the home of Mrs. Anna McGinn who lived on Fulton Street in Montclair.  From this meeting, the St. Paul Baptist Church was born. One year later, the Sunday School was organized with Deacon George Wilson as superintendent. Meetings were first held in the Fire House located in the yard of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad station at the corner of Grove Street and Bloomfield Ave. Rev. Tucker continued to lead St. Paul until 1905.

Early Expansion

Pastors that followed Rev. Tucker furthered the church's growth and community impact. St. Paul continued to grow and its worshippers continued to worship freely at the Hartley Street location.

Rev. William Perry (1905-1907) succeeded Rev. Tucker and initiated a fundraising campaign for a new building.

Rev. Perry was succeeded by Rev. E. E. Jackson (1907-1912), who oversaw the construction process and relocation to the new Hartley Street location in 1908.  

Rev. H.H. Warring (1913-1921) succeeded Rev. E. E. Jackson and formed a committee to pay off the church’s mortgage. The members of St. Paul were dedicated givers and as such, the mortgage on the old Hartley Street church was satisfied in full in 1930 under the leadership of Reverend A.O Bell (1929-1936).

The Billups Era

St. Paul's longest-serving  Senior Pastor, the Rev. J.H. Billups, served from 1937 to 1966. He was pivotal in fostering a spirit of togetherness within the church, encouraging active participation from all members.  His tenure saw the establishment of various church organizations such as the Gospel Chorus and the Social Work Department. Reverend Billups was very active in the community, becoming a part of groups such as the NAACP, Interracial Committee, the YMCA , YWCA and the Montclair Minister's Conference.  Under his leadership, the groundwork was laid for the construction of a new church building located at 119 Elm Street in Montclair (completed in 1963).

The Glover Era

Reverend Dr. Bernadette Glover answered the call in September 2013 to serve as Interim Pastor.   She was installed as Senior Pastor in March 2016.  She continues the legacy of dynamic preaching, teaching, and a vision for a caring, Christ-infused community that extends beyond physical walls. Under her tutelage, we have elevated our spiritual maturity, increased our presence in the community and  become more caring  congregants and neighbors.  

St. Paul Senior Pastors

St. Paul Over the Years

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