Funeral or Memorial Service

Fee Schedule

Please find our fee schedule for funerals and memorial services for Members and Non-members. Member refers to active member as defined in the church’s Bylaws. Note that payment is due in full by check at least three (3) days in advance or by money order or cash at least 24 hours in advance of the funeral service.
  1. Basic fee includes: up to 150 programs for Service; and set up of tables including disposable tablecloths for Repast
  2. Five (5) hours total for both Service and Repast.
  3. Soloist: If desired, must be contracted separately. 
  4. The Church is not responsible for providing this service. The family is responsible for providing all food, plates, glasses, utensils, etc. for the Repast.
  5. Billups Hall/Kitchen (if used) must be properly cleaned including garbage disposed in the outside dumpster; all food removed from premises; counter tops wiped down; any dishes/cookware used washed and put away; sink cleaned; and floors swept.